Got a DUI in Orange County, California?

What to do if you get a DUI in Orange County, California

Drinking and driving, driving under the influence (DUI), and driving while intoxicated (DWI) all used to be a minor offense. You paid a fine and maybe you spent a few hours in a class. Those days are long gone.

Drinking and driving in Orange County California means you will be arrested if you are caught. You will have to go to court. Any previous drinking and driving convictions and arrests can and will be used against you to increase the fines you have to pay and the amount of jail time you may have to serve. You need an good Orange County defense lawyer that specializes in DUI law.

If you were arrest…

If you are arrested for drinking and driving you will be told by the courts when you are arraigned (that means formally charged with a crime) that you will have to have an experienced defense lawyer to represent you or the court will appoint one for you.

Contact Rodney immediately if you have a DUI situation.

Rodney is an Orange County defense lawyer that specializes in DUI defense. He can help you fight your way through the maze of charges and courts in Orange County and Los Angeles. Rodney has the experience and knows how to get you the best possible deal if you have been arrested for drinking and driving.

The courts operate for their own benefit. You need a good lawyer.

The courts are not interested in you, your personal problems, extenuating circumstances, or anything else. The courts are interested in getting a conviction. Conviction rate is what a police chief, district attorney, and judges are elected for. This is the most important reason that you need an Orange County defense lawyer. You need to call Rodney.

If you have been arrested in Orange County or Los Angeles then you need an Orange County defense lawyer that knows the courts in Orange County and Los Angeles. Knowing the courts means knowing the judges, knowing the prosecutors, knowing the district attorneys, knowing the clerks, and knowing the law.

Rodney has the experience you need.

Rodney has the years of experience in the Los Angeles and Orange County court system that can help you reduce jail time, lower fines, and possibly avoid jail time and fines.

Drinking and driving, driving under the influence (DUI), and driving while intoxicated (DWI) is no laughing matter. Most people just make the mistake and think that they are sober enough to drive when they may not be. The public service ad on television and the internet is just too true. “Buzzed driving is drunk driving” and you will go to jail.

Being in jail is no fun. If you stay in jail you can lose you job. If you do not have a job you can lose your home, car, and maybe even your family. The first thing you should do if you are arrested for DUI is to call Rodney. Rodney has the experience and connections with bonding companies to help you get out of jail fast.

Everyone knows lawyers charge fees. The difference in what you get for your money is experience, connections, knowledge of the courts, and knowledge of every phase of DUI law and defense. You need Rodney to be your Orange County defense lawyer.

The difference between lawyers can mean a difference in years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. You need the best. You need experience, knowledge, connections, and a person that takes your case as seriously as they would a movie star’s DUI defense. You need Rodney.

Let Rodney handle your DUI case and you will have the best Orange County defense lawyer fighting for you, fighting for your rights, getting you the best deal possible, and winning your case for you.

Contact Rodney today: the sooner you call, the better your chances.


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