How to find an Orange County DUI Lawyer

Ever got stopped for drunk driving in Orange County, California? Officially you have committed a “DUI” which stands for driving under the influence. All problems linked to a DUI kick off with a breath analyzer test or a blood alcohol Content (BAC) test that you will have to undertake at the time you are caught red-handed. These tests measure the alcohol levels in your system. If the alcohol content in your blood is above the threshold limits set for the state, then the flag is raised. Based on the readings that the test calculates you could be in for certain intimidating problems. How serious could the possible effects of getting arrested for drinking and driving be? Just read on and you will be taken aback of how deeply this offense can influence your future.

Consequences of drinking and driving

  • Driving license can be suspended or revoked by the court or directly by the DMV( Department of Motor Vehicles) even if the court is not involved.
  • Vehicle impoundment
  • Fine imposition
  • Likely increase in insurance due to added points to your license
  • Jail sentence or community service work involvement
  • Probation

Furthermore, if you did cause an accident that injured or killed someone, the punishment gets aggressive. Also, DUI incidents remain on your driving records for ten years from the time it occurred.

Why You Need a DUI lawyer

Representing yourself on a DUI case and ignoring the need to have a DUI lawyer can hurt your future in a really haphazard manner. You just cannot testify as not guilty since the test procedure conducted will speak against your argument. That piece of record cannot be tampered with or destroyed in anyway. How else can you prove yourself not guilty when you have such a strong piece of evidence which suggests that you were indeed arrested for drinking and driving? Orange county laws are so strict that you will need specialized and experienced people to assist you in mitigating the risks involved in your DUI case. Regardless of whatever the breathanalyzer or BAC test detects, Rodney is your orange county DUI lawyer who can help you from serious damages.

Orange County DUI lawyer at your defense

Rodney Nostratabadi, an Orange County DUI lawyer, can aid you in a lot of ways and minimize these agonizing effects of DUI or in certain cases even have your DUI case dismissed. Rodney is highly specialized in his field and has more practical experience dealing with DUI cases. There are so many factors to be taken into consideration when arrested for DUI. All of these factors are analyzed in their totality by this Orange County DUI lawyer to give your case a good footing. To exemplify, certain strong areas that will be visited will be questioning the test procedure used for convicting you with DUI, or the calibration of the test equipment used, or errors in arrest procedure – the list just does not end here. Rodney can investigate your case from a variety of angles and take it to an extent of minimizing the imposed fees or reduce jail time, just in case your jail punishment gets unlikely.

Having a good orange county DUI lawyer is of utmost importance when you get arrested for drinking and driving, since it is considered as a very serious offense by the court. And, as listed above, the consequences can be so severe that you should not even think twice about choosing the best DUI lawyer for your case.


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